Health and Wellness

MAGCOOP also aims to meet the health and wellness needs of its members, families and individuals by providing quality, holistic healthcare services through Carepoint and Health Hub.


To provide quality and holistic healthcare services to members, their families, and the general public, MAGCOOP established Carepoint Medical, Diagnostic and Wellness Clinic.

This health facility houses state-of-the-art equipment and is staffed by competent medical professionals who ensure that patients receive proper care.

CarePoint’s health and programs and services focus on Pre-Employment Medical Examination, Health Hub, Health and Wellness, Primary and Family Care and Repatriation Health.

Health Hub

Health Hub is a pharmacy owned and operated by MAGCOOP. It provides a wide range of quality and affordable medicines, vitamins and vaccines. Other services offered are vaccination with health screening, health coaching and nutrition counselling related to prescribed medicines and vitamins.

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