Tips On How To Shop Smart This Christmas Season

NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Christmas is fast approaching and it seems like everything is on a huge Christmas sale! Admit or not, there are times that when we go to the mall for a quick errand or grocery shopping, we always have a tendency to be impulsive and go beyond our budget. Whether we plan to buy gifts for friends and loved ones or just want to complete your errands for the day, it is important to plan your purchases ahead especially during the busiest season of the year.
Because MAGCOOP cares for your and your financial goals, we list down some tips to help you to become a smart shopper especially during this season.

  • 1. Make a list.

    The first thing that you need to do is to create a list of people you are going to give gifts for. These may include your immediate family, your closest friends, and your godchildren.

    After listing down their names, try putting your gift ideas beside their name. This way, you will save time and effort.

  • 2. Stick to your budget.

    It is totally okay to be generous but it is also very important to stick and be strict to your budget. By sticking to your given budget, there is a high possibility that you will not overspend and over splurge.

    In your list, you may want to create a column where you can also write down the budget that you are allocating for a person.

  • 3. Research.

    Search over the internet for big Christmas sale happening in the mall nearest to you or in shopping websites to score huge discounts.

  • 4. Track your spending.

    Tracking your purchases will enable you to become conscious of your cash flow. You can use either money apps installed on your mobile devices or still be traditional by writing everything down on paper.

  • 5. Save the excess for next year.

    If you are so lucky and has a little excess from your budget, you may want to save it for the new year. Plus, it is recommended to not to spend it on other things not indicated in your list.
    You can open a MAGCOOP Savings Account instead and put your excess money there.
    If you don’t want to spend the holiday season with an empty wallet, try these tips and ask any of our MAGCOOP staff for any financial concerns. You may reach MAGCOOP at +632 8354 7022 or visit us at MAGCOOP Building, 473 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila.