Budgeting Tips For Super Nanays

NOVEMBER 5, 2019

Waking up extra early to prepare the kids’ baon, maintaining the house, thinking of daily healthy food menu, and keeping a consistent quality time with your husband are some of the major tasks and responsibilities of most Filipino moms. These tasks may already look daunting but another duty may look more difficult: budgeting.

It is true that Super Nanays only want the best for their families. But how can a super mom give all her family’s needs without breaking the bank? MAGCOOP lists some budgeting tips for modern Filipino moms.

  • 1.Plan with your husband or partner.

    When your finances get super tight and stressful, it is important to sit down and discuss money matters with your husband or partner. Never keep the burden to yourself so you can plan intelligently and give your best for the whole household.

  • 2.Create a budget.

    Creating a budget is the number one step in taking full control of your finances. To start off, write down your monthly income and expenses. From there, you’ll know where your money is going and you can re-allocate your income to much more important things in your expenses category.

  • 3.Save 20% of your pay

    You need to remember that you should automatically allocate a portion of your earnings to your savings. Opening a MAGCOOP Savings Account makes this possible. You can also earn higher interest rates with MAGCOOP Time Deposit Program for as low as P20,000!

  • 4.Create a menu for the whole week.

    Mapping out a menu good for one week literally saves time and money. It also prevents you from eating out and spending out of your weekly or monthly budget. Once you’ve already planned out your menu, start putting the ingredients on your grocery list and try to stick with it so you don't overspend and make impulsive purchases.

  • 5.Make ways to make your money grow.

    Once you already have a substantial amount of investment fund, discuss with your partner where you can put this fund to make your money grow. You can talk to any of MAGCOOP staff to get the best financial suggestion on which MAGCOOP programs you can invest.

    At MAGCOOP, members share in the annual net profit of the cooperative through annual dividends for as low as P500 per share.

Being a budget-savvy mom should not refrain you from planning family vacations and dinner dates! Have those occasional breaks and trips with your loved ones! The only important thing is that you have a good financial planning or budgeting that makes you in control of your present while being able to build a good foundation for the future of your family.